Parental Involvement Policy

At Kings Pre-School we recognise that parents/carers are the first educators of young children and it is our aim to support their essential work, and not supplement it.

We will endeavour to make all parents/carers welcome whenever they come to the group. Kings Pre-School will make all new parents aware of the groups systems and policies.

Parents will be encouraged to take part in all aspects of pre-school, either by being on the management committee, helping on the parent's rota or computing questionnaires to help us improve the service we offer. We also invite parents through newsletters to share their skills and interests with us such as nurses or playing an instrument.

Parents will be fully informed about venues and times of committee meetings, conferences and workshops consulting with families about the times of meetings so as not to exclude anyone.

Parents are invited in to celebrate their children's activities such as Christmas concerts and coffee mornings.

Parents are able to make comments, observations or suggestions through our suggestion box with full feedback given to parents on their comments.

Kings Pre-School make children's records regarding their progress freely available to parents. Their children's progress will then be discussed at regular parent key-worker meetings usually on an evening, but alternative times will be sort to make meetings accessible to all. Parent's views and comments are sort on their children's learning plans.

Parents are always involved in shared record keeping with outside agencies (except in exceptional cases where data protection law stipulates it is against the best interests of the child to do so).

Kings Pre-School make sure that parents understand the system for registering queries, complaints or suggestions. This will be given in their information pack as well as being displayed on the parents notice boards.

Kings Pre-School welcomes any contributions, of parents whatever form these may take enabling us to provide the best service possible.




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