Illness and Injury Policy


Kings Pre-School aims to promote a healthy environment at all times and to do this parents are asked to keep their children at home if they have any infection, and to inform pre-school as to the nature of the infection so that we can alert other parents, confidentially, and make careful observations of any child who seems unwell.

Children are not permitted back into pre-school who have been vomiting or had diarrhoea until at least 48 hours has elapsed since the last attack.

If a child becomes ill at pre-school the child will be removed from the main area, parents will be notified immediately and asked to come and collect their child. If we are unable to contact parents we will then contact their authorised collectors.

Any cuts or open sores on adults will be covered with a plaster or other dressing. Cuts and open sores on children need to be dressed before coming to pre-school if possible.


At least 90% of the staff will hold a current paediatric first aid qualification.

Kings Pre-School has three first aid boxes all clearly labelled, one for adults, kept in the kitchen in a high cupboard, with no access to children. A second first aid box for children, and a third for small outings, are appropriately stocked to meet the children's needs and kept in the filing cabinet in the office. These are checked regularly by a nominated person, Julie Eales, to re-stock if need be.

Parents are asked to complete an authorisation form on their induction day giving Kings Pre-School permission to administer first aid on their child if need be. This authorisation also gives us permission to seek emergency aid in case of a serious accident

If a child comes into pre-school with an injury we will ask parents to complete a form stating how, where and when the injury was sustained.

For any accident or injury sustained at Kings Pre-School a record is kept, recording the name of the child, circumstances of accident or injury, date, time, place and any medication sort, if any, as well as the signature of the staff member that deals with the accident and the parent will be asked to sign the form when collecting their child.

The accident book is checked termly by a designated member of staff, Beverly Cairns, to establish if any patterns in accidents are occurring or if they can be prevented in anyway. These findings are brought up at staff meetings and solutions sort to rectify any problems.

Kings Pre-School will report any serious accidents to RIDDOR who Will advise of any further actions that may need to be taken. Kings Pre-School will also report any serious accidents or injury or serious illness or the death of a child in our care to OFSTED and local child protection agencies and act on any advise given.




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