Administering Medicines Policy

Kings Pre-School ensures that it supports individual children with medical needs.

Only essential medication that has been prescribed by a doctor, dentist or nurse will be administered at Kings Pre-School. All·staff will be made aware of who needs medication and how to administer it.

Information from parents will be sought on what medication is needed and why and parents will inform the staff in writing of any changes to the prescription. If the administration of the medicine needs technical or medical knowledge then training from a qualified health professional will be provided for all staff. This training will be specific to the individual staff.

Prescribed medicines will be kept in a high cupboard or in the fridge if required in the kitchen without access for the children.'

If prescribed medication is to be·given at pre-school the following procedures will be followed:-

Written permission and information on our medication form will be completed by parents, clearly stating instructions about the dosage, the time to give it, how to administer it and permission for staff to do so, for each medication required.

Two staff will always administer medication one to actually administer and one as a witness as correct dosage and times were adhered to.

Staff will then complete the medication book, logging the child's name, date, time and dosage together with the signature of the person administering the medication and that of the witness. The parent will be required to sign this book on collecting their child.

With regard to administering life saving medication such as insulin or adrenalin injections or the use of nebulisers, the position will be clarified by reference to our insurance company. Our insurance certificate is displayed in the entrance foyer and renewed annually in April.




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