Behaviour Management Policy and Procedure

Our behaviour management co-ordinator is Claire Waterfield.

At Kings Pre-School we aim to provide an environment where the child can develop their self-esteem and self discipline in an atmosphere of mutual respect and encouragement. We want children to develop their play and learning without the fear or being hurt and hindered by anyone.

Our behaviour management co-ordinator, and other staff will access training courses to acquire the skills and most up to date information on the best ways to effectively manage children's behaviour.

The behaviour management co-ordinator will be responsible for providing guidance to other staff on the most effective methods of behaviour management.

All staff will set a positive role model to the children with regards to friendliness, care, courtesy and manners.

Good positive behaviour such as sharing and being kind, will be praised by all adults in the group.

Staff will try to avoid situations where attention is received for undesirable behaviour.

We will provide books the promote positive bahaviour in adults and children.

Physical punishment, shouting or raising a voice in a threatening way will not be used.

We will talk to the child misbehaving to help them understand that their behaviour is not acceptable and why. We will re-inforce that it is the behaviour and not the child that is unacceptable.

Children will not be singled out or humiliated because of their behaviour.

If a child needs time out to be on their own we will let them, ensuring they are supervised from afar.

Racial or other abuse will not be accepted and it will be made clear to the child why be explanation of feelings and not blaming the child.

Recurring problems will be tackled by the whole staff group consistently working with the child's parents, using ABC charts to record behaviour before, during and after to establish an understanding of the cause.

For those children with recurring problems we will keep a daily record of their day at preeschool in a book to go home to parents, emphasising all their positive points to keep parents and child's self-esteem high.

Staff are aware that some kinds of behaviour may arise from a child's special needs, and we will be sympathetic to their needs and  manage their behaviour with guidance from our area SENCO.

Staff will make peer on peer observations to monitor our own behaviour with the children, ensuring we follow our behaviour management policy consistently.


At Kings we take all kins of bullying seriously. We will handle bulling consistently.

We will intervene appropriately so that no child will be harmed.

We will explain that the bullying is unacceptable and help the child understand why and how it make the bullyed child feel. This  may lead to the bullying child to say sorry.

The bullied child will be reasured.

The bullied child's parents will be informed of the incident, a log being keep in the incident book, and how we dealt with it.

Confidentiality will be maintained at all time.

No child will ever be labelled a bully.




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