Complaints Policy and Procedure

We pride ourselves at Kings Pre-School, in offering all families and children, a warm welcome and providing the highest quality education and care for all of our children, enabling them to develop in a warm and caring environment.

We aim to provide prompt, careful attention to the needs and wishes of parents and children.

We provide a comment box in our reception area and welcome any suggestions on how to improve our group at anytime.

If a parent has any concerns they must:-

  • Speak initially to their child's keyworker who will attempt to rectify any problems. If the complaint is about the child's keyworker then voice your concerns with the pre-school manager, Jane Codner, who again will do her best to rectify the problem.
  • A record of the complaint will be kept in our complaints book, detailing the date, who made the complaint, the complaint and how it was dealt with.
  • If the complaint is not resolved or you are not happy with the outcome, please put your complaint in writing to the pre-school chair.
  • A meeting would then be arranged at a mutually convenient time to both parties and both parties will be entitled to bring a representative to the meeting. An agreed written record of the meeting will be made.

Hopefully the matter will be resolved by the stage. If not:-

  • The parents should again make a complaint to the chair or go directly to Ofsted, address and telephone at the bottom of this procedure.
  • A mediator, agreed by both parties, could be used to help clarify the situation, review the situation and suggest further ways it may be resolved. Written records will again be agreed by all parties. Confidentiality will be respected at all times.

Ofsted is responsible for the registration and inspection of all pre-schools. Any parents or staff can make a complaint to:-

Ostead (Complaints) Building C,

Cumberland Place,



Telephone - 08456 40 40 40


All complaints will be dealt with seriously and fairly, respecting confidentiality.




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