Non Collection of a Child Policy and Procedure

In the unfortunate event that a parent or carer has not been able to collect their child at either 11:40am, 12.30pm or 3.1Opm dependant on sessions we will ensure there are at least two members of staff on the premises to look after the child not yet picked up.

A member of staff will try to contact the parent on the home number and mobile if you have one.

If unable to reach the parent a staff member will go through the emergency contact numbers provided.

If we are unable to reach a suitable person on the authorised pick up, staff will stay with the child for a further 30 minutes, continually trying to reach a contact.

Failure to contact a parent or an emergency contact provided by them, by 12:1Opm, 1:00pm or 3:40pm dependent on the session the staff will be left with no other alternative than to call the local police and OFSTED and further arrangements will be made by them.

A fee of £5 per 15 minutes over time will be charged by Kings Pre-School to cover the cost of staff wages having to stay on at Pre-School.




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