Arrival and Departure of Children Policy and Procedure

On arrival at Pre-School the staff member on the door will greet parents and ask them to sign the time of arrival on a daily sheet.

Another member of staff, usually the manager, will also mark the child's arrival in the register.

These two members of staff will check together that the register and daily signing in sheet match.

The children will find their name and place it on the "I am in pre-school board". The register will be called and a head count done to double check all the children are accounted for.

Parents are to inform staff if anyone other than themselves will be picking their child up. If the alternative pick up is not an authorised collector then a separate one off permission form will be filled in.

The member of staff on the door will get parents to sign for their child stating the time picked up and then go round and personally collect their child.

A member of staff will man the internal door for extra security. The member of staff on the door will check if someone other than parent is an authorised collector or been signed for that day.

If children are not collected by authorised collector or not collected at all please refer to Emergency Procedure Policy.




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