Safeguarding Children and Child Protection Policy

At Kings Pre-School we intend to create an environment in which children are safe from harm or abuse and in which any suspicion of abuse is promptly and appropriately responded to.

When employing new staff we will make it clear to all applicants that the position is exempt from the provisions of the rehabilitation of Offenders Act 1974.

Anyone who works within the pre-school, whether paid staff or voluntary staff, will be interviewed before an appointment is made and will be asked to provide references. All such references will be followed up. Explanations will be sought from applicants who have large unexplained gaps in their employment history or who have moved rapidly from job to job.

All those who work within pre-school, both paid and voluntary will be subject to CRB checks; (please see procedure for checking staff through CRB.)

A three month probationary period will not be confirmed unless the pre-school is confident that the applicant can be safely entrusted with children.

All staff employed before September 2008 will have the opportunity to attend training courses on safeguarding children to ensure that they recognise the signs and symptoms of possible physical abuse, neglect, emotional abuse and sexual abuse.

Those staff employed after September 2008 will all attend the Common Induction Standards training which covers safeguarding children in module 4.

The designated safeguarding children officer will have further training on implementing procedure and practice in this area.

Staff will not be left alone with children for any period of time. A volunteer will never be left alone with a child.

All staff will be aware of, read and sign to say they have read the allegations against staff, child protection and disciplinary process. A flow chart of this is included and another kept in our operations plan.

Adults who have not received an enhanced clearance from CRB will not change nappies, wet under clothes or take children unaccompanied to the toilet.

Children will be encouraged to develop a sense of self-expression and independence through adult support in making choices and in finding names for their own feelings and acceptable ways to express them. This enables the children to have the self confidence and the vocabulary to resist inappropriate approaches.

The layout of the pre-school pennits constant supervision of all children.

All staff will be fully aware of what is required of them and respond appropriately to suspicions of abuse. This includes:

  • Significant changes in children's behaviour.
  • Deterioration in their general well being.
  • Unexplained brUising, marks or signs of possible abuse.
  • Neglect
  • The comments children make which may give cause for concern.

If staff are concerned with any of the above they will set up a confidential record, separate from the on-going records of children's progress and development. This record will include, in addition to the name, address and date of birth of the child, timed and dated observations describing objectively the child's behaviour/appearance, without comment or interpretation, where possible, exact words spoken by the child, the dated name and signature of the recorder. All staff are aware of those procedures.

These records will be kept in a separate file and not be accessible to people in the pre-school other than the manager, the child's keyworker and or other members of staff as appropriate.

Kings pre-school operates in accordance with the Local Authority guidelines, Local safeguarding children board (LSCB). Confidential records kept on children who Kings have concerns about, will be shared With the Social Services Departmeilt if Kings feel that adequate explanations for changes in the child's condition have not been provided.

If a report on a child is to be made to the authorities, the child's parents will be informed at the same time as the report is made unless we feel it could do more harm to the child by doing so.

Kings will maintain ongoing contact with the registered authority, including names, addfesses and telephone numbers of individual social workers to ensure that it would be easy, in an emergency, for Kings and the social services department to work well together.

We will endeavour to build up trusting and supportive relationships between families and staffin the group.

Where abuse at home is suspected, Kings will continue to welcome the child and family while investigations proceed, liaising with the Social Services Department as appropriate.

With the proviso that the care and safety of the child must always be paramount, Kings will do all in its power to support and work with the child's family.




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